Do you sell hearing aids?

Otologic Medical Clinic does not sell hearing aids. However, the doctors of OMC evaluate hearing loss and can make recommendations about the various kinds of hearing rehabilitation that are available for a person’s hearing needs. Audio Recovery is located in the same building as the offices of OMC and does sell and service hearing aids.

Do I need to arrive early?

Yes, please arrive about 10 minutes early to be able to ensure proper registration and time to complete any history forms or insurance obligations.

Where do I park?

There is available parking on three sides of the building where OMC is located. Patients of the OMC are requested to park primarily on the east and west side of the building. Please see the attached map for a diagram of the parking spaces.

How long will my appointment take?

The evaluation of medical problems can be complicated or straightforward. The staff and physicians of OMC strive to make each appointment meaningful and timely. Appointments are arranged according to estimated times required to provide appropriate care for each problem. Some problems can be addressed in as little as 5-10 minutes with the physician, while other problems require time for testing with audiologists, and then a more lengthy time with the physician.

Can I use the results from prior hearing tests for part of my evaluation or do the doctors always require new testing at OMC?

Testing done at other facilities can be used if it is appropriate. Hearing and balance disorders require accurate testing by qualified professionals from an appropriate time period. Old tests are useful for comparison, but new testing is often required to evaluate changes or to provide more detail than may have been obtained by prior testing. The physicians of OMC are happy to consider outside testing as requested.

Is Dr. Hough still practicing?

Dr. Hough was in medical practice in Oklahoma City for over 50 years. He significantly impacted the way all of the physicians at OMC care for patients. Unfortunately, for us, he has not been in practice for many years. Dr. Hough passed away in 2013.  For more information about Dr. Hough, click here.

Do you still have my records from the past?

Federal law requires that medical records be maintained for 7 years past the last office visit. The doctors of OMC have been maintaining medical records for the past 65 years. We have archived many records and destroyed the paper originals. If you have been a surgical patient at OMC, it is likely that we have maintained those records well beyond the Federal requirements.

Can I see any doctor I choose?

Yes, you can see any doctor you wish at OMC. If you are a patient of one of the doctors already, we prefer that you remain with that doctor. If you have been referred specifically to one doctor by your primary doctor, we prefer that you work out the details of that referral with your primary doctor. However, our desire is to serve you in the way that is most professional and comfortable. You may, of course, transfer your care to the doctor of your choice.